February 20, 2012

catalog Backend-Listen-Filter für Tags-Felder und Felder aus referenzierten Katalogen

Im contao Backend gibt es die nützliche Funktion Einträge einer Listenansicht zu filtern. Mit der Erweiterung catalog ist es auch möglich zu definieren, welche Felder in einem bestimmten catalog als Filter verwendet werden sollen. Anhand dieses Filter-Feldes kann man dann die Listenansicht filtern.
Allerdings kann nicht jeder Feldtyp als Filter verwendet werden. Zum Beispiel Felder vom Typ tags (Mehrfachauswahl aus Liste von Optionen) können nicht als Filter verwendet werden. Auch ist es nicht möglich Filter zu verwenden, die sich auf Felder in (über mehr also eine Relation) verknüpften Katalogen beziehen.
Diese Limitierungen kann aber mit etwas Handanlegen umgangen werden. Wie das steht habe ich in den folgenden zwei Forumsbeiträgen detailliert beschrieben:

Filter für Felder vom Typ tags

Filter für Felder in verknüpften Katalogen

Da die Optionenliste eines solchen Filterdropdowns unter Umständen sehr lang und unübesichtlich werden kann, wäre es nützlich ein Dropdown mit Tastatureingaben filtern zu können. Mit dem mootools chosen Script, welches in contao integriert ist, ist das möglich. Welche Schritte dazu nötig sind beschreibe ich hier.

January 18, 2012

Customizing Templates of symfony2 Vendor Bundles

Today I wanted to add tinymce to my form fields in the backend. I use SonataAdminBundle (SAB) to create my admin interface.

tinymce and symfony2?
Nothing easier than that, thanks to the active community there is a bundle for that: http://knpbundles.com/stfalcon/TinymceBundle (TMB)

Now, how to tell SAB to use tinymce?

1st approach: customize vendor template
As described on the TMB page:
1. Add configuration settings
2. Add {{tinymce_init()}} at the bottom of TABs standard_layout.html.twig (stored at vendor\bundles\Sonata\AdminBundle\Resources\views)
3. Add tinymce css attributes to your form field:

thats it, I now had tinymce in my admin form.
But this solution lacks of one, for me very important, advantage: my template customizations will be overriden by SAB updates.

2nd approach: overriding / extending vendor template
I followed the instructions in the symfony2 book at: http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/templating.html#overriding-bundle-templates
But I soon realized that this meachanism does not provide what I want. Template overrides do just what they say they do, they overwrite. Since I only wanted to overwrite certain blocks of the SAB layout template, and not redefining the whole, I was stuck here. The contents of my custom template at app\Resources\SonataAdminBundle\views\standard_layout.html.twig was:

The extends directive on top lead to an endless loop. Without the extends directive, just the contents of my custom template where rendered (without the contents from the original template).

3rd approach: bundle inheritance
Okey, next try. I used http://sonata-project.org/bundles/easy-extends/master to create an extension bundle. The code of the new bundle (called ApplicationSonataAdminBundle) was generated in app/Application/. I copied it over to src/. Afteer that I registered the bundle in AppKernel. Then I copied my standard_layout.html.twig to the Resources\views directory of the new bundle.
Finally, after calling assets:install and cache:clear --no-warmup the new bundle has been published and invoked by symfony2. But the template did still not work. Allthough the two bundles (original and derived) have different names, symfony2 was still stuck in an endless loop. Hmmm, what now?

4th approach: service container
A question on stackoverflow lead me on the right way (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8729439/sonataadminbundle-custom-rendering-of-text-fields-in-list).
When diving into bundles\Sonata\AdminBundle\DependencyInjection\Configuration.php I noticed that there must be a way to overwrite the default layout template. So I openend my app/config/config_dev.yml and added the following:

that worked. But you might ask me now, where the hack does my_standard_layout.html.twig come from? You have two options:
- In the app\Resources\SonataAdminBundle\views folder
- In the extension bundle at src\ApplicationSonata\AdminBundle\Resources\views
Anyhow, you can now use the extends directive without causing an endless loop. And that enables you to customize just the blocks you want. The blocks are defined in the original bundle template that you are extending.

You can even add {{ parent() }} before you initialize tinymce to preserve the original content.

December 19, 2010

Facebook Chat Tweak

I just wondered if it is possible to change the "new message" sound in a chat window on facebook.

The short answer: Yes it is. Execute the following in your firebug console:

manually force the chat tab of a certain user to play newMsg sound.

modified playSound method plays any sound you wish
ChatTab.prototype.playSound = function(){
  /* default path: \/sound\/pling.mp3 */
  if(this.chatDisplay.gatedFeatures.sound && chatOptions.getSetting('sound')){
    Sound.play('http://ideadapt.net/Cat Miau.mp3',true);

The long answer may follow in some time ...

Also it would be nice to have it packed in a bookmarklet or even a Firefox add-on. Think of a "facebook tweak" add-on that lets you customize the behaviour of various facebook features ...